Farm Machinery

Agricultural machinery

It is machinery that farmers use in farming or other agricultural activities. There are many types of such equipment. Hand tools and power tools to tractor. The countless kinds of farm implements that they tow or operate. Diverse arrays of equipment are useful in both organic and non-organic farming. Especially since the advent of mechanized agriculture, agricultural machinery is an indispensable part of feeding the world.

The basic technology of agricultural machines has changed little in the last century. Modern harvesters and planters may do a better job. But US$250,000 combine of today still cuts, threshes, and separates grain in the same way it has always been done. However, technology is changing the way that humans operate the machines. As computers monitoring systems, GPS locators, and self-steer programs allow the most advanced tractors and implements to be more precise and less wasteful in the use of fuel, seed, or fertilizer. In the foreseeable future, there may be mass production of driveless tractors, which use GPS maps and electronic sensors.

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